Comprehensive bookkeeping in the form of outsourcing with a link to related tax advices, according to the Czech standards of corporates, financial institutions and non-profit organizations, in Czech and English language.

Bookkeeping SK

Bookkeeping according to the legislation of the Slovak Republic.


Custom reports, including management reports for planning and monitoring the fulfillment of the company's economic plans, reports for the Czech Statistical Office, for the Czech National Bank in connection with financial institutions.

Accounting consulting

Advices and consulting on specific accounting problems, finding a suitable way to solve accounting problems related to this, participation in audit controls, communication with financial authorities, the possibility of accounting supervision and control of monthly financial statements in the client's accounting department, personal consulting in setting accounting method, creating accounting guidelines.

Accounting analysis

Accounting analysis to identify possible errors that could cause potential financial or tax risks.

Accounting reconstruction

Reconstruction of the accounting of previous years and the associated representation in dealing with state administrative, connection to additional tax returns that may be associated with the reconstruction.

Financial statement

Making a financial statements according to Czech accounting standards, reporting according to IFRS.

SW requirements

Pohoda, Abra and others, the possibility of providing advice based on the client's request in selecting the suitable software for accounting.

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