Income tax

We prepare both personal and corporate income tax returns. From small businesses to multinational corporations.

Value added tax

We will process your VAT return and related controlling and summary reports for you.

Tax advice

We provide ad hoc tax advice and process comprehensive tax statements.

Due Diligence

As part of due diligence, we identify tax and accounting risks associated with planned transactions.

Company transformations

We guide you through mergers, split-offs and other forms of company transformations from an accounting and tax perspective.

Transfer pricing

We will help you determine the prices of transactions between related parties so that they correspond to the conditions of an independent transactions, including the preparation of transfer pricing documentation.

International taxation

Do you do business with foreign entities? Do you have employees who are tax non-residents? Not sure if to deduct withholding tax? We will prepare a manual for you on how to proceed in a given case.


Do you need to prepare a tax return and you are accounting in IFRS? We will help you prepare income tax return and the preparation of method for conversion.

Tax proceedings

Did you receive an appeal from the tax administrator? We advise you with the best procedures and represent you in dealing with the tax office.


Do you need to register to a new tax? Not sure if you are required to register? We will arrange for you to register for individual taxes, including the submission of a voluntary VAT registration.

Real estate tax

Did you sell or acquired the property? We will prepare a tax return for real estate tax for you.

Road tax

Do you have a fleet? We will evaluate whether you are obligated to file a tax return and each quarter we will calculate the current advances.

Social health insurance

We will arrange registrations for individual institutions and assess when it is necessary to pay specific payments and in what amount, including possible communication with the relevant institutions.

And something extra

We help our clients in various situations, or we eventually arrange contact with our colleagues from the legal, evaluating or other fields.

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