Value added tax is the favourite of all inspections from the state authorities and number one among taxes flowing into the state coffers. It can be checked in detail for a short period or for a few years, or just in passing during cross tax checks.

Being prepared for a VAT inspection is one of the cornerstones of success in dealings with the tax administrator. For some VAT payers value added tax can be a simple affair. Meanwhile, for others exempt from paying VAT, providing goods or services from other EU countries, or offering their services for the benefit of other EU taxpayers or importing or exporting goods with a third country, VAT problems can require monthly inspections from experts.

Furthermore, VAT law undergoes relatively frequent changes with which taxpayers have to deal in practice. There has been a whole range of cases in which a taxpayer failed to react to a change in the law and the subsequent tax inspection assessed the relevant VAT retrospectively, including the penalty. Additional VAT assessment tends to be the most agonizing for taxpayers.

To make sure you are ready for a VAT inspection from the state authorities, taxation experts can review your company’s tax returns and tax records, provide written opinions to guarantee the correctness of your company’s procedures during tax enforcement, and prepare VAT returns, taking full responsibility for them in the position of tax advisor.

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