Tax registration and tax management

An average entrepreneur finds it difficult to understand the registration forms and deadlines needed to abide by the law. Another common difficulty in an entrepreneur’s life is liaisons with the Tax Office, whether with regard to filing tax returns or communication and proving the facts during tax inspections.

An average entrepreneur, whether a natural or legal person, usually refuses to deal with filling in tax returns, watching deadlines, submitting summary reports, tax statements and other forms, recently made more complicated because of submission via data mailbox. If they haven´t hired a tax advisor to carry out these activities or entrusted them to a reliable accountant, they might get an unpleasant surprise such as a penalty from the state authorities for late fulfilment of administrative duties.

Tax advisors are irreplaceable, especially during checks carried out by tax inspectors, for ensuring the Tax Office conducts the inspection in compliance with tax regulations and takes into account all presented evidence and facts. If a tax advisor isn´t present at an inspection, there is a higher risk that the tax payer will find himself with a shortage of evidence, possibly leading to additional tax assessment by the Tax office and a subsequent penalty.  On the contrary, when co-operating closely with a tax advisor, you can take advantage of his or her experience in dealing with the tax administrator, thereby increasing your chance of getting through the inspection without additional tax assessment and a penalty.

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