Mergers and acquisitions

Are you planning a merger, division or separation? Need to downsize or reorganize your group? We provide you with implementation and consultancy. We look after the proposal for a merger, division or separation prepared by a team of lawyers together with an assessment of the financial ramifications by our tax advisors and auditors, so that implementing the transformation brings you the greatest benefit and the process is smooth at the same time.

  • Auditing of special purpose or interim financial statements as at the day preceding the decisive day
  • Auditing of the opening balance sheet and supplements to the opening balance sheet
  • Devising the merger project.
  • Ensuring the filing of the merger project in the registry of documents.
  • Auditor’s report on the company statement of changes in equity from the date the project is drawn up to the date of the annual general meeting.
  • Approval of the merger project and a decision on the merger by the general meeting / sole shareholder in co-operation with a notary (for such cases a notarial deed is required by law).
  • Securing consent for the merger from the Tax Offices.
  • Arranging obligations and documents for the Trade Licensing Office.
  • Drafting the merger deed for the Register of Companies.

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