International taxation


The area of international taxation by no means affects all taxpayers. But that doesn’t mean it loses its importance. Business entities doing business abroad face the problems of income tax, VAT, withholding tax or tax securement.

Nowadays, even smaller tax offices are already prepared enough to be able to judge the correctness of a tax solution in an international context.

Tax experts make recommendations in relation to all types of tax that might be affected by international connections in your company. They conduct reviews whose aim is to confirm the correct amount and time period for deducted taxes and minimize them appropriately.

It isn’t just our tax laws that are subject to amendment, but also treaties for preventing double taxation – a key tax tool for taxing income on an international scale. A rise or cut in withholding tax applied to date can have a significant impact on your company’s cash flow. Likewise, misaligned value added tax on payments received or acquired from another state can lead to unpleasant consequences after additional tax assessment and the relevant penalty.

International taxes are directly connected with market prices necessarily enforced between related parties by both our laws and the EU directive. The section on Transfer Pricing is given over to this problem.

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