Financial Due Diligence

We conduct a “due diligence” audit (DD) as a comprehensive examination of the selected entity on the basis of your requirements, goals, and objectives – usually before the acquisition of a company or to prepare a company for sale. It includes the legal, accounting and tax work of our experts. In terms of output, you receive a detailed report on the verified entity, results of its operations, the risks we ascertain from the information and documents presented, and any other information you need.

Due Diligence services primarily serve investors who need to gain information on the quality of accounting records maintained in a company an investor intends to buy, and if need be, the fulfilment of tax obligations by the entity in question and any further risks a future owner might face. Our work results in a comprehensive report providing the commissioning party with information about the possible legal, tax, accounting and also economic risks acquisition may bring.


In our experience, your input in the commission is very important. For our report to deliver all the relevant information, we need to understand as precisely as possible your background and level of materiality, and clearly define areas upon which you place emphasis, preferably in joint meetings. The aim of discussion is to determine the extent of the work, so that the information gained is not unnecessarily costly yet nothing of significance is omitted. If you can gain an overview of the information we will have at our disposal in advance (in a data room or directly in the company), this will enable us further to refine the scope of the anticipated work.


We subsequently approve the work schedule and further conditions for executing the project, such as whether employees of the assessed entity have been familiarized with the schedule and focus of the work or whether it is necessary to carry out the work in stealth mode.

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