Whether you’re a sole trader, company owner or director who has no desire or time to devote to the optimal configuration of your business for tax savings, take advantage of the services of our tax experts!

Our experts have years of experience in the field of tax optimization. Taxes may be saved not only in the area of ​​corporate and individual income taxation, but also on VAT, and, in certain instances, on property tax or real estate transfer tax and other types of taxes. However, optimization must be carefully configured to ensure the functionality of the prepared structure while respecting legislation.

It is highly desirable that accounting and tax issues burden your business as little as possible. That’s why the most appropriate thing is to leave the accounting and tax part to experts who ensure optimal solutions in the area of taxation, while you devote the time saved to your business.

The consultancy we offer is not just about solving the individual problems all business entities face in practice, but also designing comprehensive solutions to protect you from penalties imposed by the state authorities, while ensuring savings in tax contributions. Every year a number of new legislative amendments come into effect. At the same time, other bodies of the state authority introduce many measures and regulations in the practice of taxing business entities that often cause confusion. In such cases, the role of tax consultancy is irreplaceable.

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