Accounting and payroll


  • Every business entity is required by law to keep accounting records. However, not every business entity perceives accounting services as its own asset. Yet accounting can produce data that will be fundamental for the future existence of an entrepreneur.
  • Many entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of accounting. They don’t consider the outcome significant, nor do they abide by that outcome, and the ensuing effect is then usually dismal after a Tax Office inspection. Yet if accounts are well maintained and demonstrate real business management, they can provide management with the type of information that gives warning about oncoming financial difficulties, highlights the weak points of a business’s workings, and reveals which direction it will be advantageous to take in the future. Well maintained accounts are also the cornerstone of well configured taxes.
  • Keeping payroll records is an essential part of a company’s finance department. In payroll, emphasis is placed on the timeliness of data processing, meeting the deadlines for submitting statements to the authorities along with tax and insurance contributions and other related payments, as well as monitoring changes in legislation, etc. If you entrust payroll keeping to skilled professionals, you ensure that information about employees’ salaries remains confidential, devolve responsibility for the correctness of processing to an entity that is insured, and have the certainty that your payroll is kept orderly and reliably.

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