• Communication with Tax office in the Czech Republic finally easier with Data Information Box

    by Barbora Spáčilová | 2014/08/28

    A new tool by the Tax office is now available. The Data information box is an online database of all data connected to taxes paid by your company.

    You can find there the present status of every tax account, as well as their history as recorded by the Tax office, with required payments, overpayments, or possible interest on late payments; also a tax schedule, or a list of received documents. It is relatively easy to access and control periodically, compared to irregular and costly contact with Tax office.

    It should be reminded here, that the authority has no legal requirement to automatically report on underpayments or unpaid interest for late payments. Therefore, you can have quick and definite information at hand at any time using the Data information box.

    The tool is accessed via your Data box (Not the same as Data information box!) login. If you do not have one, we can help you set it up. If requested, we would be happy to manage your Data information box and keep you updated on any necessities, underpayments or other liabilities towards the Tax office on a regular basis so that we can minimise your risks and costs tied with these liabilities. In case of your interest, we will inform you on the necessary steps to be taken in order to create the access for the Data information box and we can, of course, completely cover the process in regard to the communication with the Tax office. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask.