How do I get started in business?


Before starting up a business, be sure to clarify the following points:
• Do you have a business plan?
• Do you have an idea of your business’s cash flow?
• Are you going to finance the startup of your business with your own funds, or do you need financial help from the bank? How many external funds can your business take and why?
• Is it more advantageous for you to do business as a sole trader or legal person? Do you want to set up a limited liability company, joint-stock company, limited partnership or general partnership? Talk over the available options with experts.
The right answers can save you a lot of money and unnecessary worry. But bad decisions or even unasked questions can stop you right at the beginning of your enterprise. That’s why we are ready to lend a helping hand as you decide, and find you the best possible solution. Call us!

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