Who are our clients?

Our clients are individuals, small and medium companies, but also businesses with a turnover in excess of CZK 2 billion a year, all of whom are looking for high quality services. We don´t define our clientele on the basis of size. We are, however, an ideal choice for clients able to formulate a “challenge” and with a task at which they expect an ordinary accounting and tax company to draw a blank. We are glad to work with clients who have expectations of their external providers beyond the ordinary, who are tough on themselves, aim for the top, and are looking for someone whose exceptional quality will ease their way forward.


Civil engineering/Building sector

Lindab subterra
BLAHA  Saint Gobain


Real estate

RedGroup CTR group



 Thyssen Krupp  sopo_group
 Jacquet BrabantAlucast
 AZOS Aufeer Design
 Areva B/E Aerospace
 M&C Energy s.r.o.



 stodskaNemocnice  rokycanskaNemocnice
 domazlicka-nemocnice  boiron
 svataAnna  Stryker


 Hotels and Catering services

GTH catering ParkInn



syngenta_logo  Prowena


Not-for-profit sector

Druck sourcefabric


 And other businesses operating in various fields

MorisDesign hajekZrzavecky
JasForwarding bohemiaProfil
 Be_on_road_Bzing  Unknown-7
 Heklin s.r.o

Syngenta je jedním z předních světových producentů osiv a prostředků na ochranu rostlin.